Dayton Classics Scout Day
Dayton Classics Scout Day 06/08/2021 - 06/08/2021 Dayton, OH
  • Pitcher Only
  • Position Player
  • 2-Way Player

The Dayton Classics Scout Day provides each individual player a platform to display their talents for RSVP'd College Coaches (attending + non-attending).


Players are lead thru offensive and defensive evaluations by attending College Coaches and Crossroads staffplus receive the following:


  • Crossroads Online College Profile w/ Video of Performance + Results - Verified & Accessed by RSVP'd colleges and provided to all players after event.
  • Inclusion in Coach Packet™ - Info/Video on each player accessible to all College Coaches across the US.


Top identified players are invited to play in the 'All-Crossroads Scout Series' on Sunday, August 15th at Kokomo Municipal Stadium. Top players are evaluated and hand-selected to attend from our Crossroads Scout Days, Tournaments, and HSFBL AS Games. Thousands of Crossroads players have committed and play at hundreds of college campuses across the US.

  • Pitcher Only REGISTER  - $150.00
  • Position Player REGISTER  - $150.00
  • 2-Way Player REGISTER  - $175.00
1 Team Registered
  • - Metal Bats
  • - Turf Fields
General Information
  • ROSTERS : Provided for RSVP'd College Coaches in attendance. Online Player Profiles w/ Video + Measurables available on Crossroads Recruiting Platform and Coach Packet™